Hour or Two

Write a mini history

We rely very much on people's personal memories to bring the history of Beverley to life. Do you have memories of living in Beverley? Your memories could be relate to anything:

  • playing games in the street,
  • working in one of the town's past industries,
  • the shops or streets you remember.
  • the street you lived on and the other people in the area 
  • Did you play on Westwood or Swinemoor? Did you swim at Brickie Bridge?
  • Were there any particular characters you remember?

How do I get involved?

Step 1: Accept the challenge.

Step 2: In your own time, and your own words, write your memories on any aspect of Beverley's past. It is easier for us to use these if they are on a computer, but if you cannot use a computer then please feel free to write your memories on paper.

Step 3: Use the Contact page to let us know you have something for us and we will reply with details of where to send your memories, either by post or by email.


Ideal Skills

  • Working independently
  • Copywriting

Ideal Interest

  • Curatorial/Working with Museum Collection