Hour or Two

Take a beaver into Beverley

The beaver is the symbol of Beverley, the name of the town originally coming from the beavers that used to inhabit the area when it was wetland. We have a number of different types of beaver picture for you to colour in, either in the Guildhall or at home. We would like you then to take a photograph of your beaver in the town and post it to your social media.

How do I get involved?

Step 1: Accept the challenge.

Step 2: Come into the Guildhall and choose one of our beaver pictures. Alternatively, you could draw your own beaver. 

Step 3: Colour in the beaver, either in the Guildhall or at home.

Step 4: Take your beaver into the town and photograph it somewhere interesting.

Step 5: Post your photograph on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter.

Ideal Skills

  • Social Media
  • Design & Illustration

Ideal Interests

  • Design
  • Creative and Arts