Hour or Two

Design an activity

Every year we open for Beverley's Festival of Christmas, and present a range of Victorian children's activities in the courtroom. For the past few years these have been:

  • Create a Victorian cornucopia and fill it with sweets (this is always very popular!)
  • Find a gift in the bran tub.

This year we would like to expand the range of activities offered as we feel we have become too limited. We would like you to come up with some suggestions for cheap and easy activities that will only take a few minutes to complete as visitors often don't have much time to spend.

How do I get involved?

Step 1: Accept the challenge.

Step 2: Think of some activities on a Victorian or other historical theme.

Step 3: Make sure you consider the cost of materials etc as our budget is very limited.

Step 4: Email us with your ideas.

Step 5: If your ideas are complex you may need to come in and demonstrate them, or possibly help with the activity on the day.

Ideal Skills

  • Working with Children 6 - 12yrs
  • Working with Children 0-5yrs

Ideal Interests

  • Visitor Service/ Front of House
  • Creative and Arts