Hour or Two

Build a Beverley Beaver

The beaver is the symbol of the town, the name 'Beverley' having come from 'Beaver Lake' because beavers once roamed wild in this area (obviously many years ago!). The Guildhall already has over 100 beavers on our furniture, paintings, silver etc but we would like to create a children's trail of 3D beavers hidden around the building.

If we get enough beavers in time the trail will be set up for the Festival of Christmas 2016, but if not it will be ready for the summer holidays 2017.

What is involved?

We would like you to make us a beaver that can hide in one of our rooms. It can be made out of anything you want but should be no more than about 3 inches tall so that it is able to hide successfully. It can be a serious realistic beaver, or a more humorous cartoon typ of beaver, but make sure it is suitable for children to see!

How do I get involved?

Simply sign up to the challenge so we know how many beavers we are getting, make your beaver, and bring it into the Guildhall once it is finished.

Ideal Skills

  • Working independently
  • Design & Illustration

Ideal Interests

  • Design
  • Creative and Arts