About us

About us

The Beverley Guildhall and Community Museum

There has been a Community Museum based in the Beverley Guildhall since 2002. The museum, which is run by the East Riding Museums Service, uses local people's knowledge of the town to present a series of temporary local history exhibitions that tell the town's story. Recent grants from the Arts Council have allowed the two museum rooms to be refurbished to a high standard, with one room presenting the temporary exhibitions and the other telling the story of how 1300 years of history have shaped today's town.

The Guildhall itself is a fascinating historic building that represents over 500 years of civic pride. The building was based originally on a medieval great hall but was remodelled in the Georgian era to create the elegant building we see today.

To find out more about the Beverley Guildhall and the work of the Community Museum visit the Beverley Guildhall web page

Who are Beverley Museum Makers?

A Beverley Museum Maker can be anyone who is interested in Beverley and its history. You may have lived in the town all your life, be a newcomer to the area, or a visitor who finds the town interesting. If you are any of these we would like to welcome you as a possible Museum Maker.

The way it works is you can either browse this site to find challenges that interest you, or if you sign up with us we will notify you of specific challenges that fit with your skills and interests. Challenges range from some really quick ones if you only have a few minutes to spare, right up to you becoming one of our regular volunteers if that is what interests you.  

How do I find out what is involved?

To find out more about the sort of challenges that Museum Makers can get involved in just have a look at any of the challenge pages.

How can I get involved?

Getting involved as a Museum Maker could not be simpler. You just click on Sign Up Now and enter some details about yourself. Then we can either send you information about current challenges that might interest you or you can browse the challenge pages according to how involved you would like to be. You will then become one of our community of Beverley Museum Makers.